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Patient Advocacy Groups

6-month support programme to include:

Understanding PAGs’ current skills, knowledge and capacity

Agreeing individual SMART goals and action plan

Targeted support including:

Planning for drug development and access

Generating and presenting evidence

Funding applications

Working with industry

1:1 coaching to provide practical advice and support for planning and implementation

We also offer bespoke packages for whatever stage you are at in the drug development journey. 

If you are interested in accessing our support, please click here to email us, or follow the link below to our contact page
Patient Advocacy: Additional Services

Additional 1:1 Sessions

'Deep Dive' workshops

1:1 sessions Action Planning

Facilitate Partnership Meetings

Identifying Clinicians and KOLs

Submission Writing

Data Collection

Evidence Generation

Focus Groups

Preparing Proposals for Funding

Additional support, projects and advice can be provided on request.

Click here to email us for more information, or use the link below to go to our contact page.

Lindsay, Realise Advocacy: "Rare disease patient group involvement in drug development and HTA is essential but not all are able to engage effectively to aid decision making"

Additional services for patient advocates:

We provide practical support to individual PAGs