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Resources for Patient Groups
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Six case studies of Realise Advocacy support for patient advocacy groups in HTA:

  • Navigating NICE and NHS England
  • Preparing for committee meetings
  • Presenting evidence for impact
  • From scoping to submission
  • Building collaborations
  • Managing community expectations

Access and reimbursement: An introductory guide for patient groups, providing an overview of the key steps in health technology assessment, and suggestions of how PAGs can contribute at each stage. Includes a glossary of commonly used terms and links to other useful resources.

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A report on Realise Advocacy's 2021 pilot project, providing tailored support to a group of six rare disease patient organisations. Including findings on PAGs priorities and needs, and key actions to ensure sustainable and equitable access to support.

Webinar recordings

Navigating Health Technology Assessments

Realise Advocacy at Findacure RareWebinar series, September 2021

Understanding Health Economics: Preparing Your Patient Group for HTA

Realise Advocacy at Findacure RareWebinar series, July 2021

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Our 2023 report on the real cost of Patient Advocacy Group involvement in HTA, informed by a review of available literature and in-depth interviews with 6 rare disease PAGs:

  • The role of PAGs in the HTA process
  • Impacts on organisations, individuals, and the wider patient community
  • Identification of key themes and challenges, with proposed solutions