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Patient Advocacy: Core Topics
“Realise Advocacy took us through the process one stage at a time, and I can honestly say that without their support, we would not have been able to interact with the review as effectively as we did.”

Rare disease patient advocacy group 

Realise Advocacy is working to build equitable and sustainable support for rare disease PAGs' involvement in drug development and access

Realise Advocacy supports patient involvement in drug development and access through:

  • Providing practical support to individual rare disease PAGs involved in drug development and HTA
  • Working with partners to drive a sustainable and equitable approach to supporting all rare disease PAGs
  • Supporting companies to maximise the impact of their engagement with rare disease PAGs

We work with all stakeholders to support patient advocates to maximise their impact in drug development and Health Technology Assessment and transform their real-world experience into evidence.

We work with PAGs to:

  • Understand their unique circumstances, strengths and challenges
  • Identify their knowledge, evidence, resources, gaps and priorities
  • Build pragmatic action plans
  • Provide practical support and coaching to maximise impact

We work with industry and other stakeholders to ensure they can engage effectively with all PAGs and to support their patient involvement in drug development and access processes.